Interlibrary Loan

The Monroe Public Library offers interlibrary loan as one of its core services. In order to satisfy the needs and interests of local residents, the staff will attempt to borrow specifically-named materials not available in this library from other libraries around the state, the nation, and the world. Interlibrary loans for unspecified materials on specifically-named subjects also will be submitted.

WHO MAY USE THIS SERVICE: The staff will place interlibrary loan requests for any user of the Monroe Public Library. This service is extended to all patrons, regardless of age or place of residence. The library reserves the right to deny interlibrary loan services to any patron with outstanding overdue fines, lost or damaged item charges, or other infractions on his/her borrower record.

MATERIALS ELIGIBLE AND INELIGIBLE FOR INTERLIBRARY LOAN REQUESTS: The library will request any and all materials, with the following exceptions:

• items that are owned by the Monroe Public Library (the staff may make exceptions for materials that are temporarily unavailable for reasons such as “missing” or “at bindery,” or for other special situations)
• items that are “on order” in the Monroe Public Library
• books listed on the New York Times bestsellers list
• items classified as “reference” in their home libraries
• items that are local historical and genealogical materials in their home libraries

FEES: For in-state interlibrary loans, the library will not charge for obtaining items unless the lending institution imposes a fee. In such cases, local patrons will be contacted and asked for a verbal promise to pay before the items are obtained.

For out-of-state interlibrary loans, the library charges a pre-paid fee of $18.00 per request, whether or not the item is obtained and whether or not the patron picks it up. This fee covers the cost for the search conducted on our behalf by the Connecticut Library Consortium, as well as for postage.

For interlibrary loans of microfilm and/or microfiche, the patron also must agree to pay the cost to insure the shipment when returned to its home library.

MAKING INTERLIBRARY LOAN REQUESTS: Adult patrons should request interlibrary loans at the Adult Department’s Circulation Desk or Information Desk. Children should request interlibrary loans at the Children’s Department Circulation/Information Desk. Interlibrary loans should be requested on forms provided by the library.

REQUEST LIMITS: A patron may have up to six (6) interlibrary loan requests active at the same time.

: The time required to receive interlibrary loan items can vary between 2 and 4 weeks, although some requests may take shorter or longer times.

PICK-UP: Interlibrary loan materials obtained by the Monroe Public Library are here for a limited time. Therefore, the patron’s cooperation in picking up materials promptly is requested. Interlibrary loan materials not picked up within three (3) days of patron notification may be returned to the lending institution.

LOAN PERIODS AND RENEWALS: The length of time an interlibrary loan item is loaned to this library is determined by the lending institution. Loan periods can vary greatly. Patrons are warned that some interlibrary loan materials may not be renewable. Renewals of items beyond the loan period specified by the lending institution must be requested by the Monroe Public Library staff and approved in advance by that lending institution.

RETURNS: Patrons who borrow interlibrary loan materials obtained by the Monroe Public Library should return the items here, not directly to the lending institution. This is for recordkeeping purposes.

It is the policy of the Monroe Public Library to function whenever possible as a provider of materials in the interlibrary loan systems of which it is a participant.
As a provider, the library accepts interlibrary loan requests submitted through other libraries only.

Interlibrary loan requests may be submitted via paper, telephone, fax, email, or United States mail.

The library lends any and all of its print and nonprint materials to other libraries through the interlibrary loan system, with the following exceptions:

• materials listed as “Reference” or “Office”
• circulating materials with one or more holds outstanding
• books listed on the New York Times bestsellers list
• newest issues of magazines
• magazines not for loan to Monroe residents
• newspapers
• circulating equipment and hardware
• passes to cultural sites
• Newbery award-winning children’s books (summers only)
• books listed on the reading lists of schools serviced by the Monroe
Public Library (summers only)
• children’s story kits
• puppets and toys

Most items interlibrary loaned to other libraries will be loaned for 42 calendar days. Renewals of these items, which may not exceed 2 in number, will be subject to approval by the library staff.

Due to local demand, the following items will be interlibrary loaned for 28 calendar days only and no renewals will be permitted:

• items of any format designated as “new”
• videotapes
• DVDs
• magazines

As a professional courtesy, the Monroe Public Library does not charge fines against other institutions for overdue items loaned to them through interlibrary loan. However, it does charge replacement costs for materials lost or damaged while in the care of other institutions.