Word Processing

The Edith Wheeler Memorial Library provides computers equipped with word processing and spreadsheet software for patrons to use on-site for their personal needs. These computers are made available as part of the library's ongoing commitment to offer useful and appropriate patron services.


Eligible Users
• Patrons of any age
• To ensure proper usage, children ages 8 and under should be accompanied by an adult
• The library reserves the right to refuse word processing computer privileges to any patron whose library card is suspended as a result of outstanding fines, charges, or other infractions

• The word processing computer is available for use on a “first-come-first-served” basis

To Begin Using the Word Processing Computer
• Bring to the Circulation Desk the barcoded card located in the pocket on the side of the monitor, along with your library card or other form of ID

Time Limits

• No time limits are imposed unless another patron is waiting
• When other patrons are waiting, sessions will be limited to 45 minutes

Printing Charges
• 10 cents/page
• Users may use their own paper or the library’s paper
• In either case, printing charges apply

• Users may save information by downloading onto their own floppy disks, CD, or flash drive.

Staff Assistance
• The staff is able to offer some assistance to users of the word processing computer
• However, users are asked to have basic word processing and spreadsheet skills

Please do NOT
• Re-boot the word processing computer
• Upload software onto the word processing computer hard drive
• Save information to the word processing computer hard drive
• Use our word processing computer for illegal, harmful, or damaging purposes

• Please save your information frequently during your use
• The word processing computer has limited virus protection
• The library is not responsible for lost data resulting from system errors or viruses
Thank you for observing these rules

Adopted by the Library Board, April 24, 2002