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Internet History Sourcebooks Project
A combination of historical texts in the public domain and texts for which copy permission has been granted, this site includes three major sourcebooks for ancient, medieval, and modern history. There are also a number of subsidiary sourcebooks on specific topics, e.g., African, Jewish, women, etc.)

Best of History Web Sites
Contains links to over 800 history-related web sites that have been reviewed for quality, accuracy, and usefulness. Although designed for teachers and students, the site is suitable for anyone with an interest in history. Includes links to general resources and research-oriented sites, as well as sites with engaging educational content and stimulating and useful multimedia technologies.

US History

Digital History of the US
This comprehensive site includes a full-text history textbook, numerous essays and biographies, over 400 hundred primary sources, an interactive timeline, glossaries, maps, images, and more.

The September 11 Digital Archive
150,000 digital items, 40,000 first-hand accounts, and an interactive map of Ground Zero.

World History
The Ancient Greek World
A virtual tour of the Ancient Greek collection at University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. Includes pictures of artifacts as well as text ex plaining the culture and history of Ancient Greece.

Ancient Egypt
At this site from the British Museum, learn about Egyptian life, geography, gods & goddesses, mummification, Pharoahs, pyramids, temples, timekeeping, trades and writing. Each section has a story to read, information to explore, and a challenge to complete.

Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors
This site contains an index of all the emperors who ruled during the empire's 1500 years, a number of biographical essays on the individual emperors, and family trees ("stemmata") of important imperial dynasties. There is also historical information about the Roman empire, including descriptions and maps of significant battles in the empire's history, and maps of the empire at different peeriods.

Museum of Tolerance Online
Provides extensive information about the Holocaust including full-text articles and books, photo and map collections, bibliographies, a timeline, and a glossary.

A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust
Includes original content, as well as links to the best Holocaust resources on the Web. It includes a timeline for years from 1918 to the present; a section that covers the roles of the participants--victims, perpetuators, bystanders, resistors, rescuers, liberators, and survivors; and an area covering music, art, and literature of the Holocaust.