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Loan Periods & Fines

Material TypeLoan PeriodFine (per day)
Adult Books21 days$0.15
Children's Books21 days$0.10
New Books 14 days$0.15
Audio Books (adult or children)21 days$0.15 for adult and $0.10 for children
High School Summer Reading List Books14 days$0.15
Magazines (except newest copy, which cannot be borrowed)7 days$0.15
DVDs 7 days$2.00
Express DVDs 3 days/No Renewal$2.00
Museum Passes: Barnum, Discovery, & Peabody Museums, Beardsley Zoo & Stepping Stones 1 day$10.00
Museum Passes-all other3 days$10.00
Music CDs21 days$0.15