Monroe Lions Club Makerspace, Co-op, & Cafe

On Saturday, November 2nd 2019 the library hosted its opening Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony to celebrate the brand-new Makerspace, Co-Op, and Cafe!

Please register for a small-group class at, or email to contact someone about becoming certified to use the items in the Makerspace. Be on the lookout for additional classes!

The Makerspace is for educational and entertainment use only.  It is not available for for-profit ventures.

Please note: Some items will only be available for library programming

The Library’s Makerspace currently features:

  1. Glowforge Basic (a laser cutter and engraver) *This software uses .svg files to cut, and .jpg or .png files to engrave. To see what the Glowforge can do, visit You must book an appointment or take a group class before you can use the Glowforge*
  2. Cricut Air Explore 2 (a paper cutter). *This software is free! Download the Cricut Design Space software and make a free account to get started on your own!*
  3. Brother PE 535 Embroidery Machine *Our class schedule is available at the Reference Desk! Stop in or email to book a one-on-one session with Diane, our embroider extraordinaire*
  4. Flashforge 3-D Printer *Visit to find ideas and inspiration*
  5. Epson Photo Scanner *This photo scanner is totally self-serve and step-by-step directions are provided in the Makerspace.*
  6. American Button Machine button-maker
  7. MyIntent jewelry making kit (uses designed nails and a small hammer to pound words into token)
  8. Ozobots *for library program use only*
  9. Lego Boost Bots *for library program use only*
  10. VHS – Digital Converter *Our converter is back up and running with a new and improved model! This converter is totally self-serve and step-by-step directions are provided in the Makerspace* Please note that your video digitizes in real time. A 2-hour video will need 2-hours to digitize, plus additional time to burn onto a DVD. Please be aware of closing times and the length of your video. We have DVDs, cases, and USBs for sale, but you can bring your own!
  11. Orion SkyQuest XT8 Classic Dobsonian Telescope *for library program use only*

What is the Cost of the Makerspace?

Cost of using the items in the Makerspace varies. The actual machines are all free to use. If you sign up for a small-group class, all materials will be provided and your total cost will be nothing! If you would like to do a one-on-one or your own independent project, the library has materials available to purchase which are proven to work with the machine. You may purchase these materials at the Reference Desk or request a special material be purchased from an approved website.

If you wish to bring your own materials, they need to be purchased from an approved website/brand (ex:, Cricut-brand material, My-intent-brand tokens). You may also bring in material that was previously purchased as long as you provide a receipt and the original packaging with barcode/sku. Please note that materials that were not purchased from the brand’s website or with the brand’s material may not work in the machine, or may be considered hazardous and will not be approved for use.

How do I get approved to use the machines?

First, send an email to to let us know what you are interested in. A librarian will set up a one-on-one appointment with you for training. You may also take a group class. Once you can prove you know how to work the machine, you will be considered approved and you may come and use the machine when a Makerspace Librarian is available. Information on using the room for private projects will be provided to you once you are certified.

NEW! The Co-Op & Café

Cozy seating areas, a state-of-the-art coffee & hot-drinks machine, and work areas. Meet up with other members of the community to work on our puzzle, meet with friends for a hot drink at the cafe, or set yourself up to work in comfort solo.

We have snacks available now! All snacks are $2.00 and may be purchased at the front desk. Please note that we are cash-only. Gift cards are also available and may be used for all items in the café. Gift cards are cash-only, but once purchased you never need to bring cash again!