Business Center

The library offers resources and tools to help your business thrive.


Eliminate extra work and re-creating duplicate signs with our laminator. Laminate an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet for .25 or laminate an 11″ x 17″ sheet for $1.00 to create long-lasting materials.


Our .5″ standard-height label-maker allows you to create customized labels to help you get (and stay) organized.

Standard labels (3″ – 4″) are 5 cents per label. Longer labels are 10 cents per inch.

Paper Shredder

Protect sensitive information by destroying documents in our FREE paper shredder. Shred 15 sheets at once to make the job move faster.

Hole Punch

Personalized presentations and document retention are made easier with our industrial hole punch. It’s free to use and can handle 45 sheets at once.

Business Books & Programs

We offer an extensive Business & Career Center collection of books available to check out. Learn a new skill, get up-to-date in your current career, or just read for fun.

Find all upcoming programs at The library offers monthly business meet-ups and networking with our “Lunch and Learn” program, co-sponsored with SCORE Fairfield County and the Monroe Chamber of Commerce.

We also offer monthly Career small-group programs with the Goodwill Career Center.